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EGO-State Therapie part 5 und 6
September 06. – 09. 2019 for 640.- €
presenter: Dr. Woltemade Hartman

EGO-State-Therapie and body work part 2
September 10. – 11. 2019 for 320.- €
presenter: Dr. Woltemade Hartman

advanced SOMA
September 12. – 15. 2019 for 690.- €
presenter: Dr. Sonia Gomes

“work with early trauma"
September 19. - 20. 2019 for 320.- €
presenter: Dr. Jochen Peichl

Soziale Phobie
October 5th 2019 for 140.- €
presenter: Dr. Hans-Jörg Lütgerhorst

EGO-State: master difficult treatment situations
October 18. – 20. 2019 for 530.- €
presenter: Dr. Kai Fritzsche

EGO-State-Therapie group supervision
October 25. 2019 for 95.- €
presenter: Dipl. Psych. Claudia Mueller-Quade

EGO-State mit dem inneren und äußeren Reflecting Team
November 08. – 09. 2019 for 320.- €
presenter: Dipl. Psych. Claudia Müller-Quade

EGO-State and body work part 3
November 13. – 14. 2019 for 320.- €
presenter: Dr. Woltemade Hartman

SOMA Modul 2
November 28.– December 01. 2019 for 690.- €
presenter: Marcelo Muniz

EGO-State-Therapie group supervision
December 13. 2019 for 95.- €
presenter: Dipl. Psych. Claudia Mueller-Quade


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As participant I acknowledge that the organizer cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of seminars due to unforseeable circumstances of commercial or political nature, in case presenters cancel the seminar, or due to force majeure. The organizer reserves the right to cancel a seminar in case of insufficient participation. With my registration I accept these terms and conditions.
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