EGO-State Therapy Part 1 and 2 in english

Instructor: Dr. Woltemade Hartman

Ego State Therapy Training

 Seminar 1. An Introduction to Ego State Therapy: Safety and Stabilization: The activation of and work with resourceful ego states

Ego State therapy is the creation of Dr John and Helen Watkins from the United States. The Watkins’ did not conceptualize the ego as one monolithic entity, as Freud did, but rather as consisting of parts, or so-called ego states. Their theory was based on the original work of Paul Federn, a close associate and colleague of Freud. Federn conceptualised ego states as shifting energies within the personality. John and Helen Watkins formulated a theory and treatment model for what became known as Ego State Therapy. Probably the most significant difference between ego state therapy and other parts approaches is the fact that this approach conceptualizes the personality of a human being not only as consisting of dissociated ego states, but also of resourceful ego states which help us to self-regulate and to function as an integrated whole.

Thus, ego states are neuro-physiological manifestations which may develop as a reaction to certain life experiences both positive and negative. Rather than exorcists casting out demons, trauma and other deficits, ego state therapists nowadays look more like treasure hunters seeking the unrecognized resourceful and useful ego states in their client’s lives and personalities.

Ego State Therapy is a powerful tool for helping clients plumb for the best in their own personalities and assist directly to untap resourceful ego states associated with determination, survival, resiliency, hope, optimism and love that ultimately allow clients to flourish.

In this introductory workshop participants will mainly learn techniques for enhancing experiential activation of resourceful ego states by combining Ericksonian and Ego State Therapy techniques. Ego States are usually activated hypnotically to reach those ego states that are implicit and not readily available to conscious awareness. It is therefore a very suitable intervention strategy for a variety of posttraumatic stress reactions, dissociation as a result of trauma as well as other psychosomatic diseases.

In this workshop Dr Hartman provides an in-depth overview of the theoretical basis of the ego state model, its epistomology as well as the latest developments in neuro-physiological reactions to trauma and dissociation. Dr Hartman also addresses safety and stabilization techniques necessary for intervention.  Designed for both beginners and the more experienced practitioner, this workshop will also feature live clinical demonstrations. No prior knowledge of hypnotic interventions is required to attend this beginners and introductory workshop. However, it is recommended to eventually familiarize oneself with the basics of therapeutic hypnosis. The training utilizes a lecture-demonstration-practise format. Hence, the training is a stimulating blend of theoretical, vicarious, and experiential learning.This workshop is the first in a series of eight (8) consecutive workshops which lead to internationally recognized certification as an ego state therapist by Ego State Therapy International (ESTI).